Kosmas Nikoloau – Choir and Manoeuvre – Villa Bologna – Transformer (2017–2018)

Kosmas Nikoloau – Choir and Manoeuvre – Villa Bologna

Kosmas Nikoloau – Choir and Manoeuvre

Choir and Manoeuvre: A guided tour to imaginary gardens

Choir and Manoeuvre is a site-specific intervention in the gardens of Villa Bologna, inspired by the archaeology and the history of Malta. Choir and Manoeuvre is a meeting with the genius loci. The starting point for the intervention is the question of the Maltese Temples. The artist is looking at the mega structures and their relation with the landscape; their orientation and their enigmatic alignments with the celestial bodies. Other references are the Mediterranean flora and fauna, and the colonial past of the island. The spectacular gardens of Villa Bologna are the setting for a storytelling encounter. Sounds, voices and histories amplify our relationship with the location and they offer visitors the opportunity to be part of an imaginary scenario and discover the secret life of the garden. The story will will be told on-site through a guided tour.


Villa Bologna

The Sunken Pond

Villa Bologna is an 18th century Maltese country house, still home to the successors of the family who built it in 1745. Within the walls of this majestic baroque villa is an historic Mediterranean garden, containing centuries-old citrus orchards, large and small nymphaion, baroque gateway and fountains. The main villa and front garden were built in 1745 when Malta was firmly in the hands of the Knights of St John. In the 1920s a new façade was added to the back of the villa and the gardens were extended. The Dolphin Fountain, Sunken Pond, vegetable gardens and cactus garden all date from this period.



Opening times

Villa Bologna, St Anthony Street, Attard
8 September – 14 October
Tuesday – Thursday & Saturday: 9.30am – 1.30pm
Friday: 1.00 – 5.00pm

Guided tours: Saturday 8 September midday;
every Friday 4.00pm

Entry fee: €6, €4 seniors and students