Mohamed Fariji – Le Musée Collectif – Pjazza San Pawl / 1st Hamrun Scouts Group – Transformer (2017–2018)

Mohamed Fariji – Le Musée Collectif – Pjazza San Pawl / 1st Hamrun Scouts Group

Mohamed Fariji – Le Musée Collectif

Le Musée Collectif 

Le Musée Collectif began as a citizen’s museum of the collective memory of the districts of Casablanca (Morocco) which proposed a shared process of ‘writing the city’ by its inhabitants. As part of Transformer, Le Musée Collectif now sets out to write the city of Hamrun, during a four day event inviting the citizens of Hamrun to participate. The results will be on display as Le Musée Collectif, for the duration of the Transformer exhibition.

Le Musée Collectif is the result of a work that entails research, collecting, reflection and creation facilitated by groups of artists, activists, students, children and residents, who are active in their neighbourhoods, with the aim of revealing unfamiliar stories and narratives. In a shared process of writing a history of the city by its citizens, Le Musée Collectif  will display banners that the inhabitants have written on reflecting memories, the neighbourhood’s macro-histories, the intimate, the forgotten and the margins.  The banners will be displayed from the flagpoles above the 1st Hamrun Scouts Group.

Le Musée Collectif of Casablanca has initiated satellite actions in other cities including Algiers (Algeria), Nouakchott (Mauritania), Marrakech (Morocco), Amman (Jordan), Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and Tunis (Tunisia), (to come).

Opening times

Community participation in the square
Pjazza San Pawl, Hamrun
3 – 6 September


Exhibition – Le Musée Collectif
1st Hamrun Scouts Group, Il – Ferrovija, Hamrun
8 September – 14 October
Tuesday – Saturday: 9.30am – 1.30pm

Participation and entry are free.